1. Dirty Harry

    2015-12-16 08:22:00 UTC
    Immense trail networks call and coax hikers into the wild of the Pacific Northwest. For many, access to the mountains wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated work the WTA and its volunteers put into building and maintaining sustainable trails.

  2. Winter Ascent

    2015-03-02 20:29:00 UTC
    This past winter was a bust, but we still found snow in Snoqualmie. I partnered up with Andy and Joe and returned to The Tooth for some alpine climbing. Even though we were a little surprised by the snow level blanketing Source Lake, we were still able to knock out…

  3. Men Underground

    2014-11-25 00:20:15 UTC
    Amos Mincin, September 2013 There are men who move beneath the mountains, where crawl spaces are just wide enough to slip past, where the rock hangs and bleeds groundwater, where mud coats coveralls and betrays the grip of steel-toed boots. There are men underground. // Back in September 2013, I…

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